Tuesday Tunes #5: Anna Sun

Every second we live is a new chance to do something new. Every song that plays is a chance to sing our hearts out and dance like nobody is watching. These chances, when we take them, become memories we will surely cherish when we lie on our deathbed, and surely, we’ll smile knowing that we lived this life and made the most out of it.


Tuesday Tunes #4: Luck

Growing up as a child, I have always followed instructions and obeyed everything my parents, my teachers and my other elders would tell me. I was a goody two-shoes child who would always study for his tests in school and get good grades. I was raised to always show everyone what is expected of me, or more than what is expected of me. And everyone expected me to become a doctor.

Tuesday Tunes #2: This Is the New Year

The new year is a perfect time to “embrance the past and live for now.” Because obviously, we are only going farther and farther from 2015 as time passes by. The new year is a time to reflect not only upon the joyful moments we had, but also the mistakes we committed for the past year. People who get better are people who commit mistakes and learn from them. Only upon admitting our wrongdoings can we learn to swallow our pride and correct them. We can use the past to get better in the present and look forward to the future.