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Waves of Hope

On the third night, Fr. Jboy Gonzales gave us a talk about being sent by God. Spontaneously, my heart felt extremely heavy and the tears in my eyes were knocking their way out when he asked us: “Do you want FCCY to live forever?” The hall was filled with a resounding “Yes!” and everyone was cheering with all hearts out.


Time is Running Out

For the past few nights (and midnights), I have found myself unconsciously reminiscing my beloved past. I have been reading my previous blog entries, watching videos and looking at old pictures. And most of the time, I feel unusually sad that I can’t go back in time to relive these memories.

For example, tonight, I’ve read about American Idol and how it’s about to have its final season in 2016. I can’t help but think about the times when my brother and I would use to argue whether it was David Cook or David Archuleta (Team Archie forever!), or Kris Allen or Adam Lambert (thank you Kris for winning!). Then I remember the night my sister and I watched the American Idols LIVE! Tour, my first concert ever, which featured Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips. It used to be my favorite show, but in a year it’s about to end. Times are changing.  (more…)

Second Chances

(This is a reflection paper regarding my Blood Banking course this term which was submitted as a requirement. Hope you like it!)


A year ago, my father was diagnosed with chronic kidney disorder. He had to undergo numerous procedures like catheterization, insertion of ureteral stent and hemodialysis, among many others, and had gastrointestinal bleeding as one of the consequences. He required blood transfusion, and he had to undergo a series of tests which, at that time, I had absolutely no idea of. However, getting to experience first-hand what happens behind the scenes of blood donation and blood transfusion in our Blood Banking course opened my mind to so many new things and realizations. (more…)

Medicine and Jesus’ Last Words on the Cross: A Reflection

(As part of the Holy Week celebrations in our local church, we have a sharing regarding Jesus Christ’s Seven Last Words. I was tasked to share my reflections regarding the last word, and the text below is what I shared.)

When I was a child, the plan was fairly simple: graduate from high school, finish pre-med, pursue Medicine proper and become a doctor. That was always the plan that my parents wanted for me, and the plan that I thought I wanted for myself. I would always look up to my uncles who were doctors and I was convinced that someday, I would become like them, too.


Right now, I am on my way to fulfilling that plan, as I am currently taking my pre-med at UST. There’s one slight problem, though. Somehow, I’m not that happy with what I am doing.

One time, I was studying Human Anatomy with the music on, and a song by my favorite band played. The lyrics were something like “Is this the life you’ve been dreaming about? Are you happy with the way that you’re living now?” And it turned out, my answers to those questions were “No” or “I don’t know anymore.” I would have rather studied Math or any other course that I actually loved. (more…)

Thirteen Ain’t So Unlucky After All

It’s three days before calendars are changed and new year resolutions are made! But first, I’d like to look back at this wonderful year of 2013. Usually, the odd-numbered years pale in comparison with the even ones, but 2013 proved to be a wonderful year that I’d never forget. Here are some of the highlights of my year!

Stop looking at my fake abs.ONE STEP CLOSER TO RMT. As you may know (or not), I’m currently taking up BS Medical Technology. But in my freshman year, it seemed that none of my courses were directly related to medicine. We were studying angles, theories of psychology, philosophies of man, and plants (I DON’T WANT TO GO BACK THERE AGAIN), and I was starting to wonder if I was really enrolled in the right degree program. But my sophomore year (which isn’t over yet) finally showed me a glimpse of what I am going to do as a medical technologist, thanks to my courses Physiology-Anatomy, Histology, and to a lesser extent, Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry. Those courses, though really difficult, were really interesting, and we were doing stuff that are worth telling my high school friends. These included blood typing, measuring bleeding and clotting time, blood smearing, and isolation of the frog’s heart and gastrocnemius muscle. Maybe one day, when I’m a professional, I’d look back to this year and remember these first steps.

The Script bidding farewell to their Manila fans
Photo belongs to Cen SB, taken from Philippine Concerts.

THE GOOD OL’ DAYS. 2013 is also the year I saw my favorite bands The Script and OneRepublic live! (more…)

I Want to Feel Sad

Sadness. It’s something we don’t like. It’s something we avoid. It’s something we don’t want others to see in us, thus the fake smiles. Truly, joy is something we’d prefer over sadness. It would seem very obvious that when any human is faced with two options of joy and sadness, he/she would pick the former.

But the world is not perfect. There’s always something that will bring sadness to us. Impurities, no matter how small or big, are around us, and that’s a part of the world we live in. That’s a part of life. Sadness is a part of life. We cannot deny this truth. It’s up to us on how we face this reality.  (more…)