I tried to pierce through your veins
The needle punctured
Your pearl-white skin.
I searched, trying to pull
Slightly going left
A little to the right
Looking for that pop,
That gush of blood
Flowing into the barrel
But I have found none.

I tried another site
But the sound of your voice
Got my heart throbbing.
My hands were shaking
And once again, the needle struck
And once again, I missed.
I tried, a little deeper
Perhaps, more superficial
A little to the left,
A little to the right,
Still, nothing.

You pushed me away
As I was searching
For something I gave you
In the blood that flows through your veins.
In my quest, I hurt you
And you asked me to leave
Maybe try again some time
Or never at all
And with shame in my face,
I walked away.

Here he comes
He’s got everything
And immediately he struck.
The blood came rushing in
And they were both filled with joy
And he got what he was looking for
And much more,
He got her heart.
And I’m here left
Still searching for one.



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