We spent our time
Wondering why life won’t give us
All the things that we really need
Then we laugh at the smallest things
And dreamt of places and spaces
We wish to be in one day.


Waves of Hope

On the third night, Fr. Jboy Gonzales gave us a talk about being sent by God. Spontaneously, my heart felt extremely heavy and the tears in my eyes were knocking their way out when he asked us: “Do you want FCCY to live forever?” The hall was filled with a resounding “Yes!” and everyone was cheering with all hearts out.

The Sea

Oh, how I long to traverse
Your endless horizons
And each island you hold.
I gaze at your waves
Kissing the white sand beach
As they crash forward
And go back to you.

Tuesday Tunes #6: Cool Kids

I wasn’t well-liked in high school at all. As a person who cared a lot about what people think, it hurt a lot when people talk about me behind my back, especially from those I called my friends. I’ve heard things like I’m being too bossy, lazy, stern, stiff, and having a superiority complex. I wished that I was just like the cool kids: relaxed, athletic, funny, and easy to hang out with. Although I tried to shrug these comments off, I always stayed awake at night thinking about how awful a person I was and why I wasn’t well-liked.