About Me

The important details first. My complete name is Joseph Benjamin Shea Perez. My friends call me “Otep,” and my online friends call me “Josh.” My birth date is March 19, 1996. I currently reside in Manila, Philippines, and I dream of traveling great distances. I am a senior Medical Technology student in the University of Santo Tomas, interning at Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center until May 2016.

I greatly appreciate music. My favorite genres are pop, pop rock, country, and piano rock. My all-time favorite song would be “A Thousand Miles” as it always reminds me of cherished memories, plus the amazing piano instrumentals (which I know how to play on the piano a bit) and the touching lyrics.

I am also a fan of television. I like reality TV but my favorites would be The Amazing Race, American Idol, Wipeout, The X Factor, and other singing competitions. I also like to watch Glee, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory and The Legend of Korra.

I like to eat. I crave for Kiamoy. If you don’t know what Kiamoy is, try looking it up on Google. Yes, it’s a weird food but I just like it. I like eating, unless the food isn’t delicious for me (obviously). In addition, I don’t like spicy and bitter food.

If you want to know me more, send me a message. :)



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