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Stacking Bricks

Today I’m going to talk about this addictive game in Facebook called Tetris Battle.

Tetris… that seemingly endless brick game we play in our NES or Family Computers or in other ancient gaming systems. It’s the game where you stack bricks to form and clear horizontal lines, and the aim to beat the high score. Yes, it’s that game! Now a group of people whose name I don’t know developed an even more addictive version of this old brick game. It’s like “Hmm.. this chicken is dancing around alone. Why don’t we pitch in two of them in a closed space and see what happens?” but instead, they pitch in two or more tetris players. In Tetris Battle, the most basic modes are Battle 2P and Sprint 4P. In Battle 2P, two players compete with each other and try to knock each other out in two minutes. How do they do that? Well, by clearing lines for themselves, they send lines to the other, and when the blocks stack high enough, the other gets knocked out. They can clear the lines sent by stacking a block over a bomb. This mode can really be very addicting. Sprint 4P is a different kind of battle. The aim in Sprint 4P is to clear 40 lines in the least time possible. You have three different opponents who will try to clear 40 lines before you do. Unlike Battle 2P, lines cleared for yourself will not be sent to the opponents, and thus this mode follows the classic Tetris mechanics. After clearing 40 lines, the four competitors will be ranked first to fourth in increasing time elapsed. There are other modes, like Sprint, Marathon, Battle 6P and others, but I haven’t really played those games much to be able to explain.

What really makes the game addicting is the ranking system. In Tetris Battle, you have a rank and a level. Levels are gained through EXP, which are achieved by playing any mode, and is registered to your account. Ranks, on the other hand, are gained by winning stars, which you gain when you win. Unlike levels, your ranks are different in each game mode. For example, you could be Rank 23 in Battle 2P but still be Rank 4 in Sprint 4P. You need five stars to rank up. Simple, eh? No. You win one star if you win; if you “overpowered the opponent,” you win two. However, if you lose, you lose one star. If you currently have zero stars and you lose, you will rank down.

If you want to try this game, simply search “Tetris Battle” in Facebook and start playing. Word of caution: It IS addicting (as I said 2094823943 times already).


Red, Everywhere! [Happy Chinese New Year!]

It’s that time again! Happy Chinese New Year to all of you.

So, why is it that there’s red everywhere? Here’s an answer I got from a story in our Chinese class.

One time, there was a monster named Nian that wanted to eat all the villagers in a certain town. Obviously, being human beings, they were so afraid that they were going to be eaten by the beastly Nian, so they couldn’t sleep. And it was the Chinese New Year’s Eve, too. Then, they knew of a rumor that this monster feared the (more…)