We were the kids at the back
We told ourselves
We don’t belong here
Turns out,
We belong to each other instead.

We told each other
About our horrid days
And the horrid people we met
We gave them names only we know
You were my haven in a world of shadow
When the world felt like throwing me out
You came to rain on my drought
We bust out dancing through the storm
And dried ourselves in fire’s warmth.

Remember the time we got lost?
We never were, cause you were behind me
Our candles lit up the forest blight
That dark night when I almost gave up
You begged the skies for daylight.

I miss the city smoke
Getting wasted drinking coffee
Trying to solve the world’s problems
In just one afternoon
At our favorite cafe.
We spent our time
Wondering why life won’t give us
All the things that we really need
Then we laugh at the smallest things
And dreamt of places and spaces
We wish to be in one day.

When all is well, and time allows
We’ll be together once again.



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