Red, Everywhere! [Happy Chinese New Year!]

It’s that time again! Happy Chinese New Year to all of you.

So, why is it that there’s red everywhere? Here’s an answer I got from a story in our Chinese class.

One time, there was a monster named Nian that wanted to eat all the villagers in a certain town. Obviously, being human beings, they were so afraid that they were going to be eaten by the beastly Nian, so they couldn’t sleep. And it was the Chinese New Year’s Eve, too. Then, they knew of a rumor that this monster feared the (more…)


Thirty Seven of Twenty Eleven (My Top 37 Songs of 2011 part 2)

And now, the continuation of Hell’s Kitchen My 2011 countdown.

17. Mr. Know It All, by Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson comes back and unleashes her powerful vocals on this song, “Mr. Know It All.” I initially criticized it for sounding quite like “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. (Is it just me or is Kelly Clarkson cursed with having songs sounding like previous ones? Already Gone is an example.) But it was a grower. I find myself singing along to the song mindlessly and became one of my favorite songs. And it’s fun to sing along with, too. This song is the first single from her fifth album “Stronger.”

16. Brighter Than the Sun, by Colbie Caillat

If I would name one song that can be described as warm, it would be “Brighter than the Sun” by Colbie Caillat. This is a fun, upbeat and light song that is perfect for the summer. It’s a song that you should listen to when you’re not feeling so good. “Brighter than the Sun” is the second single from her third album “All of You,” and received positive reception from critics and listeners alike.  (more…)

Poetry: An Attempt

I’ve never had any interest in poetry as a child. My mother used to urge me to write poems, because it was a useful skill to develop, and because others do. But I only started writing during my freshman year in high school. My first poem was “Challenger,” a poem about aiming for your dreams.

So now, I present to you, my first sonnet. Note that this is NOT “Challenger.”

No marigold be forever pretty,
Nor a tree be forever young and green.
No cloud be fluffy and white endlessly
Nor sky be as blue as an ocean scene.
The songs that robins up in the trees sing
For the people, someday might be a bore
O, nature may pass and fade to nothing,
And beauty unsurpassed be no more
But thy pure heart, it will stand forever
Through spring, summer, fall and the winter cold
Like the love for a child of a mother
That whether disasters, never gets old.
And even when the clock just stops ticking,
Thy life, for me, will still be everything.

Since this is my first sonnet, I know that it’s a bit goofy and has some mistakes. It would be very nice if you would leave a comment on it and give it some critiques. Thank you very much! :)

Thirty Seven of Twenty Eleven (My Top 37 Songs of 2011 part 1)

2011 has been great in music. But some songs stood out for me, some by new artists and some by old. So here are my top 37 songs of 2011. Why 37? Well, it’s an odd number. (nice reason, eh?)

37. Science & Faith, by The Script

The Script has always amazed me with their brilliantly crafted songs, and “Science & Faith” is no exception. With great instrumentals and witty lyrics, this song is a must-hear for those falling in love. “Science & Faith” came from The Script’s second album, bearing the same name.

36. Criminal, by Britney Spears

The first time I have heard this song, I wasn’t very thrilled. But this song grew on me and I liked it after a few more listens. “Criminal” is one of my favorite songs of 2011 because of its infectious chorus and catchy beat. This is Britney’s fourth single from her album “Femme Fatale.”

35. Rumour Has It, by Adele

What a powerful song this is! The song starts with stomps of percussion and continues its brilliance with Adele’s vocals and supported by the repetitive yet catchy chorus. This song has literally been stuck in my head for weeks, and I always find myself singing along with it in my head. “Rumour Has It” was supposed to be the third single from Adele’s sophomore album 21 but was scrapped to make way for an equally awesome song, “Set Fire to the Rain.” (more…)