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Game Of Nerds

My friend Kristin introduced me to an interesting game called Game Of Nerds. I tried it and it was quite addicting. It tested your knowledge in various subjects that typical nerds are good at, such as Math and Numbers, Chemistry, Physics, and the like. Although those subjects are difficult, there are also subjects that are familiar to us, like The Internet, Computer Hardware and Software, Films and Literature.

The goal of the game is to answer questions correctly and make streaks. You earn coins for every 250 points. The number of points per correct answer depends on the difficulty of the question and the amount of time you needed to answer that question. First, you are asked to pick from three subjects. Then, there are ten questions regarding that subject. You start with the easy part (there are three), then three average questions, then three difficult questions. The last question is called the “Almost Impossible” question, and by answering that, you get a lot of points. If you answer a question incorrectly, you lose the streak and you have to choose another subject again and start from the easy questions. There is a time limit.

If you want to experience it for yourself, check out the link below. Enjoy! :)


I Want to Feel Sad

Sadness. It’s something we don’t like. It’s something we avoid. It’s something we don’t want others to see in us, thus the fake smiles. Truly, joy is something we’d prefer over sadness. It would seem very obvious that when any human is faced with two options of joy and sadness, he/she would pick the former.

But the world is not perfect. There’s always something that will bring sadness to us. Impurities, no matter how small or big, are around us, and that’s a part of the world we live in. That’s a part of life. Sadness is a part of life. We cannot deny this truth. It’s up to us on how we face this reality.  (more…)

Pre-College Jitters

Having graduated from high school last March, our batch is about to face a new chapter of life: college. My understanding of college was always this: it’s like high school, except that nobody cares about you anymore. In high school, we have our batchmates who’d support us in our homeworks, projects, seatworks and even quizzes (shh. Not a word to anyone!).  During our stay in high school, our teachers treated us like we were their children (for some) or their friends (for the others). As a rather small population, we were all close to each other, even with the lower and higher year levels.

University of Santo Tomas is a whole different level. That university probably has twenty times the population of our school (or even more, because I haven’t experienced life there yet for myself). Beecause of the overwhelming population there, it would be extremely hard to stand out. Sometimes, I imagine life in college as a tiptoe: I’d try to get through without bothering anyone in the way. Everyone is busy there. It seems like a darker world in college. Bundle it up with stories from former UST students about mugging and hold-ups, college surely will take a long time to get used to.

But life goes on, I guess. Who knows? College might turn out to be the best part of my life (or second best to high school)!

side note: I know this entry feels empty and lacking, but I just had to write something. Soooo…. sorry for that. I’ll write better next time, I promise! :)

My Singing Friend

Hello there!

Today, my sister and I went out with our friend Cheska Villaran. We had dinner at Burp, and then we went to Moonleaf for some tea. After that, we went to our house.

It has always been my habit to play anything on the keyboard. This time, I played A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton. Cheska sang along and it was going very well. We decided to record ourselves; she will be singing and I will be playing the keyboard. Because of my mistakes in playing the song and lack of practice, of course, we decided to delete that video.

Then I tried to play Adele’s Someone Like You. It was great. We recorded a roughly two-minute video of the song. Here is the video:

To check out her other videos, simply search “cheskavillaran” and you’ll surely enjoy her covers.

Stacking Bricks

Today I’m going to talk about this addictive game in Facebook called Tetris Battle.

Tetris… that seemingly endless brick game we play in our NES or Family Computers or in other ancient gaming systems. It’s the game where you stack bricks to form and clear horizontal lines, and the aim to beat the high score. Yes, it’s that game! Now a group of people whose name I don’t know developed an even more addictive version of this old brick game. It’s like “Hmm.. this chicken is dancing around alone. Why don’t we pitch in two of them in a closed space and see what happens?” but instead, they pitch in two or more tetris players. In Tetris Battle, the most basic modes are Battle 2P and Sprint 4P. In Battle 2P, two players compete with each other and try to knock each other out in two minutes. How do they do that? Well, by clearing lines for themselves, they send lines to the other, and when the blocks stack high enough, the other gets knocked out. They can clear the lines sent by stacking a block over a bomb. This mode can really be very addicting. Sprint 4P is a different kind of battle. The aim in Sprint 4P is to clear 40 lines in the least time possible. You have three different opponents who will try to clear 40 lines before you do. Unlike Battle 2P, lines cleared for yourself will not be sent to the opponents, and thus this mode follows the classic Tetris mechanics. After clearing 40 lines, the four competitors will be ranked first to fourth in increasing time elapsed. There are other modes, like Sprint, Marathon, Battle 6P and others, but I haven’t really played those games much to be able to explain.

What really makes the game addicting is the ranking system. In Tetris Battle, you have a rank and a level. Levels are gained through EXP, which are achieved by playing any mode, and is registered to your account. Ranks, on the other hand, are gained by winning stars, which you gain when you win. Unlike levels, your ranks are different in each game mode. For example, you could be Rank 23 in Battle 2P but still be Rank 4 in Sprint 4P. You need five stars to rank up. Simple, eh? No. You win one star if you win; if you “overpowered the opponent,” you win two. However, if you lose, you lose one star. If you currently have zero stars and you lose, you will rank down.

If you want to try this game, simply search “Tetris Battle” in Facebook and start playing. Word of caution: It IS addicting (as I said 2094823943 times already).


Last year’s American Idol was a thousand times more amazing because of Haley Reinhart. Haley showcased her growl and reinvented songs with her unique tone and excellent vocals. And although she was not a fan favorite in the early stages, she fought her way to the top three with her outstanding performances, winning more voters and fans.

Her first single is “Free” and I’ve been addicted to it since the first time I’ve heard the song. I’d like you guys to listen to it too. We should make this more popular to give justice to Haley’s talent. :>